Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Superbowl Snacks

While I don't particularly care about football, Superbowl Sunday stills gets me a tad excited. Any excuse to make special meals or snacks! I usually don't do much, but this year my dad and brother's favourite team, the Colts, were in it. Little did I know the tension of the game would cause them to lose their appetite...Darn!
The rest of us sure enjoyed these though!
I've never seen slider buns at any grocery store or bakery around here, so I decided to use this King Arthur Flour recipe and just make them teeny. Instead of dividing into 16 buns, I weighed each on my scale at about 1 oz (28g) each. I think I ended up with 31 mini buns. When they were done proofing, i egg washed and topped with poppy or sesame seeds. After baking for about 15 minutes, they're ready to be topped with whatever you choose!

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