Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vancouver Baker's Market

I've been thinking about visiting this baker's market for a while now. I stumbled upon their website quite some time ago, and have been hearing more and more about it. It seemed like a really cute idea, kind of a flea market/craft sale type setup, but purely baked goods. It's kind of off the beaten path and I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was the last weekend until a summer hiatus, so I figured I better go and check it out.

I perused the tables quickly, and was offered countless samples of tasty treats. A lot of them were good, but something I could easily make at home (banana bread, plain chocolate chip cookies etc.) When we were about to leave, we came to the table of Yummy Baked Goods. Their giant s'more sandwich cookie caught my eye, and upon further investigation, there was a vast array of sinfully tempting sweets. I sampled a ridiculously caramely blondie-type bar that was so decadent and gooey (their caramel is homemade to boot!). I had to get one of those. Then a cookies n cream sandwich cookie caught me eye. One of those too, please.
Paper bag in hand, I headed back to the car with the best of intentions of waiting until I got home. Couldn't do it. Took a giant bite of each...and oh my goodness. This place rules.

I did manage to take the rest home, and 5/5 tasters raved about each of them! Yummy Baked Goods are indeed, very yummy.
On another note, I fell in love with these parisian-style macarons a couple of years ago in San Francisco. I bought a couple on a whim at Miette Patisserie in the ferry building marketplace and was delighted with their light crunch, and chewy centre. A couple days later, I was at Bouchon Bakery in Napa Valley and picked up a few of theirs. I've been looking for them since then in Vancouver and haven't really seen them anywhere. Last week my mom surprised me with a couple from Sweet Thea at the bakers market. Wonderful! So of course, I had to pick up a little box of these too. Aren't they beautiful? I only tasted one so far, mango I believe, and it was delightful!
If you can't wait until the next Vancouver Baker's Market, you can check out Yummy Baked Goods and Sweet Thea online! Trust me, you'll want to.

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Bakers Market said...

Back by popular demand! The Baker's Market is a Saturday market starting up again on Oct. 2 - Dec. 11. Inspired by farmers markets (no veggies please), just lots of sweet & savoury baked goodies. 11am-3 pm. Enter through the back door at #115-408 East Kent Avenue South, Vancouver, BC V5X 2X7. for more info.

Support your local, talented & creative bakers, who love to bake for customers like you! FREE PARKING and FREE ADMISSION.

We are now accepting applications for vendors too.
If you or someone you know is a home baker, student baker, professional baker or "wanna-be" baker that specializes in sweet or savoury baked goods, we'd love to have them as vendor. Kindly forward this email to them.

***be kind to the environment by bringing your own containers for your goodies
-washrooms are not available
-no pets
-accessible by wheelchairs, strollers
-come by bike, bus and Canada line (Cambie and Marine Drive station)